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The Algar waterfalls

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

The Algar waterfalls also known as Les Fonts d'Algar are 15 km from Benidorm in Spain. I have been fortunate enough to visit these beautiful waterfalls a few times while visiting Spain. The waterfalls are all natural, so the water is quite cold, however after a short time you do get used to the temperature.

These beautiful waterfalls span 1.5 km long, with many pools where you are able to swim, some pools are deeper than others. There is a small current, as it is running water which can be felt more in some sections of the river in between the waterfalls more than others. I would suggest wearing swimwear and bringing a towel as you will want to take a dip or will have to walk through the water at some point. I would also highly suggest wearing beach shoes or some sort of shoe. As the river bed is made up of small stones and rocks which, can be rough and slippery when you step on them. I found beach shoes allowed great grip while staying comfortable in the water as they are made from wet suit material.

The Algar waterfalls is well maintained as it is a protected wetland, and so their is a small charge to enter the waterfalls - Adults: 5 euros, Child (4 to 10): 2 euros and Children (0 to 3) are free. When you enter the waterfalls you are asked to stop for a photo which can be purchased when you leave as a souvenir which is a lovely keepsake of such a beautiful place.

The facilities at the waterfalls are limited to toilets and First Aid. They do have lifeguards in peak season, this allows them to offer a safe waterfall jumping experience from a platform into one of the pools.

Food isn't allowed to be consumed along the waterfall. However, a picnic area is available to be used which also has free lockers and vending machines for visitors to use. This ensures the waterfalls are protected from litter which helps to ensure its beauty is preserved. If you would prefer to eat in a restaurant there are five in the surrounding area of the waterfalls, some have play parks and swimming pools which guests are able use as well.

I loved visiting the waterfalls and would defiantly recommend for others to visit at least once. It is an amazing experience being able to climb along the river all the way to the top. It took myself and those I was with a few hours to climb all the way along the river to the top, but it was definitely an adventure which I will not forget. I challenged all of us at points, but as a group we were able to reach the top. All the way along were beautiful peaceful pools as fewer people ventured all the way to the top.

Thank you for reading hope you enjoyed finding out about the wonderful Les Fonts d'Algar (The Algar waterfalls) it is such a beautiful place I am so privileged to be able show you a small part of it. Please like and share. I would love to get your thoughts and view in the comments below.

Until next time, stay blessed and stay safe.

Billie x

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